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Our Mission

At Redlands Explorer, we’re passionate about showcasing the natural beauty, rich history, and diverse culture of the Redlands region. Our mission is to provide visitors and locals alike with comprehensive, up-to-date information to help you make the most of your time in this beautiful corner of the world.

Discover Moreton Bay and Its Islands

Moreton Bay is one of Queensland’s most remarkable and renowned natural wonders, and at Redlands Explorer, we are your personal guide to this pristine marine ecosystem. Learn about the Bay’s unique flora and fauna, its conservation efforts, and how you can get involved in protecting this vital part of our environment.

Explore the islands of Moreton Bay with us. From the world-famous North Stradbroke Island to the secluded gems of Moreton Island, we’ll help you plan your island adventure. Find information on ferry schedules, accommodation options, and the best activities each island has to offer.

Enjoy Redlands Attractions

Redlands is more than just stunning coastal scenery; it’s a region filled with a wide array of attractions and activities. Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, or watersports, or you prefer cultural experiences such as art galleries, historic sites, and local festivals, Redlands has it all.

Discover charming townships like Cleveland, Victoria Point, and Redland Bay, each offering a unique blend of local flavor and attractions. Explore the markets, dine at exceptional restaurants, and savor the region’s renowned seafood.

Plan Your Visit

Are you planning a trip to Redlands? Redlands Explorer is here to make your visit a memorable and hassle-free experience. We provide detailed guides, travel tips, and insider insights to help you plan your itinerary, find the best accommodation options, and connect with local tour operators.

Get Involved in Conservation

Redlands Explorer is committed to promoting sustainable tourism and environmental conservation. Learn about the conservation initiatives in the area, such as protecting local wildlife and preserving the natural beauty of Moreton Bay and its islands. Discover how you can contribute to these efforts and make a positive impact during your visit.

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