What to Do on North Stradbroke Island

Located on Brisbane’s doorstep, North Stradbroke Island is one of Australia’s natural treasures and a perfect escape destination.

North Stradbroke Island is easily accessible by a fast, 30 minute water taxi or 45 minute vehicular ferry from Cleveland, only 30 minute’s drive from Brisbane International Airport and Brisbane City and one hour’s drive from the Gold Coast. 

It is one of the largest sand islands in the world, with kilometres of white sandy beaches fringing the island’s eastern side. The calm waters of Moreton Bay lap against the shores of the island’s western fishing towns.

With an incredible diversity of experiences to offer and beautiful spots to explore, North Stradbroke is a popular holiday location for families, couples and adventure-seekers alike. North Stradbroke’s unspoilt beaches and headlands are perfect for swimming, surfing and fishing year round.

Whales (in season), dolphins, turtles and manta rays can often be spotted from the spectacular North Gorge at the northern tip of the island. The island has been listed as one of the world’s most ecologically important wetlands and has several freshwater lakes, waterways and lagoons. 

North Stradbroke Island is the ultimate paradise for the many enthusiasts who visit each year. There is plenty of holiday accommodation, ranging from resorts and units to bed & breakfast accommodation, cabins, rental houses and backpacker accommodation.

Your holiday on North Stradbroke Island is sure to be a wonderful and unique experience you’ll never forget. 

Stradbroke Island Places to Visit

Amity Point

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For those who like to throw in a line or just relax, Amity Point may be just the place you’re looking for. Amity Point has the tranquil atmosphere of a small seaside fishing village. Trawlers still tie up at the jetty to offload the night’s catch of fresh prawns, crabs and fish ready for the tables of local restaurants and shops. 


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The first glimpse most visitors get of Stradbroke is Dunwich – a small town with a big history. There are a few options available for dining. See food and drink for listing of venues. Everyday items are available from the convenience store. See shopping for further details. 

Point Lookout

Point Lookout is not only the resort centre of Stradbroke, it also boasts outstanding surfing beaches and spectacular seascape views. Situated at the northern tip of the island, Point Lookout is 20km from Dunwich and 19km from Amity Point. It is also Queensland’s most easterly point. 


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If you like the beach, you will love the white sand and crystal clear water on North Stradbroke Island. The island has a range of beaches which are suitable for safe swimming, spectacular surfing and great fishing all year round. Only swim between the flags at patrolled beaches. In addition to the beaches mentioned here, on the western side of the island, Amity Point and Dunwich offer sandy beaches and calm water for swimming, snorkelling and great fishing.