Coochiemudlo Island is A Subtropical Paradise Just Minutes Away

Coochiemudlo Island

Just a stone’s throw away from the mainland’s Victoria Point lies Coochiemudlo Island, a hidden gem waiting to be explored. This charming island, accessible by passenger ferry or vehicle barge, offers a unique and unforgettable escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Norfolk Beach: Where Island Adventures Begin As you disembark from the …

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There’s a Beach for You in the Redlands

Redlands Beaches

The Redlands, a stunning region in Queensland, Australia, is blessed with an abundance of beautiful beaches, each offering its own unique charm. Whether you’re in search of calm waters for a leisurely swim or craving the exhilaration of a perfect wave, you’re sure to find the beach of your dreams right here. Mainland Beaches: Bayside …

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How to Get to Redlands

Redlands Road

From Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast When travelling from Brisbane, most areas in the Redlands can be accessed from Old Cleveland Road/Finucane Road. To get there: Travel south along the South East Freeway, take the Vulture Street exit, and follow Vulture Street for approximately 3km until you come to Cavendish Road, turn right, follow for approximately 800m, then …

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Top Things to Do in Redlands

Redlands Wave

Looking for real Redlands experiences to treat your family or visitors to this weekend? The team has come up with this guide to the magic of Quandamooka country, from cushy cruising to top taste tempers and unique Redlands treasures. Cruisy cats Those in the know say there are few better ways to lift your spirits …

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Exploring the Diverse Flora of Redlands

Tree Pod

The Redlands region in Queensland, Australia, is a natural wonderland waiting to be explored. While its stunning coastal landscapes and vibrant communities often steal the spotlight, the rich tapestry of local flora deserves its own moment in the sun. From the lush rainforests to the coastal mangroves, the Redlands is a botanical paradise that beckons …

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Frequently Asked Questions


1: Where are the Caravan Parks and Tent sites in the Redlands? There are two caravan parks on the mainland, the Redlands Mobile Village and the Thorneside Mobile Home Park. Both have cabins and campervan sites as well as tent sites. The Redlands Mobile Village is located on Collingwood Rd Birkdale. Thorneside Mobile Home Park …

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What to Do on North Stradbroke Island

Redlands Koala

Located on Brisbane’s doorstep, North Stradbroke Island is one of Australia’s natural treasures and a perfect escape destination. North Stradbroke Island is easily accessible by a fast, 30 minute water taxi or 45 minute vehicular ferry from Cleveland, only 30 minute’s drive from Brisbane International Airport and Brisbane City and one hour’s drive from the …

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Moreton Bay Birds

Bird's Nest

Bird watching is one of the most popular things to do in Redlands of a weekend. Almost all visitors to North Stradbroke Island arrive by ferry and a good variety of birds can be seen on Moreton Bay during the crossing. These include the pied cormorant (Phalacrocorax varius) and the smaller little pied cormorant (P. melanoleucos), which …

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North Stradbroke Island

Eucalyptus Tree

North Stradbroke Island is one of Australia’s premier natural treasures and a perfect escape destination, conveniently located on Brisbane’s doorstep, in the Redlands Shire. North Stradbroke Island, colloquially referred to as ‘Stradbroke’ or ‘Straddie’, is one of the largest sand islands in the world, with kilometres of white sandy beaches fringing the island’s eastern side. …

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Visit Coochiemudlo Island

Ferry to the island

For an island experience just a few minutes by ferry from Victoria Point, why not visit Coochiemudlo Island?  Coochiemudlo Island is a beautiful sub-tropical island boasting golden beaches, calm waters and a laidback atmosphere. The quiet lifestyle, secluded beaches and magnificent views of sparkling Moreton Bay make Coochie a very special destination with a fascinating …

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